Will Nicola make it to her wedding?

Most brides like to start their wedding day with a little champagne breakfast, followed by lots of pampering before they slip on their wedding dress and slide down the aisle. Nicola goes to court. She has relented, though, and allowed Jimmy to go with her. Bob turns up, too and when he sees Viv he lets her know he’s there for Nicola, not her.

When Nicola sees Viv, though, the fight goes out of her and she tells Viv how sorry she is about what happened. Feisty Nicola returns, though, when her hearing is delayed. She’s about to walk out for her wedding when her name is called. Will she stay or will she go?

Desperate to get in Jackson’s good books, Aaron shows him he’s not a complete Dingle by going against Cain to help Jackson get on with the building work at Declan’s home. It seems to pay off, too. But Aaron still has to work with Cain…

Across the channel, Diane’s enjoying her tour de France with charming Charlie but is not quite ready for any lights-out larking around (and definitely not any bedtime fumbling with the lights on!). She tells Charlie this and is relieved when he says he’s happy to just enjoy her company.

*Second episode, 8pm*

Is Nicola getting married or getting sent down? Will she be saying ‘I do’, or will she be screaming, ‘I didn’t mean it! Don’t do this to me!’. This is when she finds out if she’s heading to Home Farm for the happiest day of her life or to the Big House for an extended stay at Her Majesty’s Pleasure. The case is full of drama and the outcome surprises everyone… especially Viv.

There’s lots of action in France, too… Charming Charlie is treating Diane and Victoria to some cafe au lait and gateaux in a village when a villain snatches Diane’s bag. Zut alors! Charlie turns out to be quite the hero, though, and takes off after the thief, determined to get Diane’s bag back for her. Just how grateful will Diane be?

Up at Home Farm, Natasha is enjoying the work involved in arranging Nicola’s wedding – whether or not it actually happens. Sadly, she’s forced to admit that she’s only happy when nasty Nathan is not around, poisoning the atmosphere. Oh, what’s that look in Natasha’s eye? Is it sadness? Or is she wondering if she can fit another body next to bigamist Mark?

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