Norris wakes up on the day of Ramsey’s funeral and after much thought has decided he can’t attend as it would make him a hypocrite. Rita urges him to make the effort for Emily’s sake and Norris eventually relents. As they arrive Norris is stunned by the good turn-out and the amount of sorrow. He realises he never got to know his brother like so many did and he makes a last minute decision to address the congregation.

Peter apologies and pleads his case to Leanne one last time, telling her he’s never really wanted to commit to anyone before her. Janice can see she’s wavering and tells her that Peter is bad news and she should forget him. Leanne’s torn, but can’t help her feelings towards him.

Kevin and Molly have arranged to meet at the motel earlier than planned but as they give into their passion time gets the better of them and Kevin doesn’t realise he’s in grave danger of missing his flight. Molly notices the time but enjoying herself too much, she decides to keep quiet. Back on the street Sally starts to panic about Kevin’s whereabouts.

Also; Dev bids Amber an emotional farewell as she leaves for university.

*Second Episode, 8.30pm*

Kevin’s realised the time and is in a blind panic as he races back to the street. Meanwhile, Tyrone is furious that Molly is late for Jack’s leaving do as everyone else is assembled in the Rovers.

Kevin and Molly finally make it through the traffic and as a relieved Sally drags Kevin off to the airport Molly joins the gathering in the pub. Molly’s less than apologetic and dismisses Tyrone As they wave off Jack and Connie, she accuses Tyrone of being angry with her. But he’s had enough of her moods and as a row ensues a few home truths come tumbling out.

Ramsay’s funeral has clearly had a profound effect on everybody who attended. Emily’s drained and exhausted, while it’s given Rita much to think about. Praising Norris for his kind speech she tells him it’s made her realise life’s too short and that she needs to consider her future. Norris is stunned as Rita announces she intends to retire.

Also; Lloyd, Claire and Steve join forces to play a trick on Eileen. They assemble a load of junk and offer it to her as a replacement for her stolen goods. Eileen’s affronted and tells them to get lost.

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