Will Norris back down over Ramsay’s funeral?

Emily’s upset that Ramsay’s cremation will take place in Australia as she’s desperate to pay her respects to the man she’d grown so fond of. Rita tackles Norris, suggesting the arrangements could be changed, but will Norris back down?

Sally plans a surprise dinner party for Kevin’s belated birthday celebrations. An uneasy Molly is roped in to help with the food, while Tyrone keeps Kevin occupied. But unable to bear the awkwardness Molly warns Kevin about his surprise, and he’s barely able to hide his discomfort as he’s greeted by Sally, the Dobbs and the bickering Peacocks.

Steve goes chasing after a drug-dealer whom Becky thinks may lead him to Slug. Liz disapproves, and while Becky resolves to enjoy what freedom she has left with Steve, Liz makes it clear it’s no life being married to a prisoner. When she then overhears Liz and Deirdre talking about the effect her imprisonment would have on Steve and Amy, Becky decides to take action. Later, Steve is stunned to find a note from Becky revealing she’s gone.

Also; Claire’s still angry with Ashley, believing he refused the vasectomy in case he ever wants children with another woman; Connie suggests Jack move in with her.

*Second Episode, 8.30pm*

Kevin’s surprise dinner party is underway but it quickly turns into the night from hell as all three couples use the evening to vent their frustrations over their marriages.

Claire gets drunk and snipes at Ashley over his vasectomy, while Sally constantly makes jokes at Kevin’s expense. Unable to bear the tension Molly finally snaps and accuses Sally of being downright nasty. Tyrone’s stunned by her increasingly irrational behaviour but Kevin knows what’s behind it and holding his breath he waits to see if Molly is about to reveal all about their affair. Meanwhile, Claire tells Ashley she’s banning sex with immediate effect.

Steve searches for Becky, as she phones the Croppers to say goodbye. Realising she’s about to do a runner Roy correctly guesses she is at the coach station and Steve races down there. As he arrives at the station he spots Becky boarding a bus. Steve pleads with her to come home, insisting that by leaving she will be breaking his heart.

Also; Peter chats up an attractive woman, Naomi. All is going well until he overhears Janice on the phone to Leanne; Jack’s in a sombre mood as he celebrates Vera’s birthday by pouring her a sherry.

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