When Chantelle is let down by a friend on Valentine’s Day, she sets about getting a date with the aptly named Dr Oliver Valentine. When she hears that Oliver is attending an awards ceremony that night for the research project he worked on with mentor Jac, she pins her hopes on joining him at the event, and buys a Valentine’s card to let him know she’s keen.

Fearing Chantelle will make a fool of herself, fellow nurse Lleucu urges her to send Oliver a ‘Congratulations’ card instead, in anticipation of him winning an award, and Chantelle reluctantly agrees.

Lleucu continues to warn Chantelle not to build her hopes up about Oliver, saying doctors and nurses don’t work as couples. But when Chantelle then spots Lleucu talking to Oliver, she wrongly assumes her friend has been plotting to snare him for herself!

Later, having practised how to tie the perfect bow tie, Chantelle is delighted when she bumps into Oliver rushing to get to the awards do. But will Oliver notice her?

Also, Sacha’s plan to give Chrissie everything she wants, including her dream house, goes awry when he discovers he can’t access the money he needs through his pension fund. Unable to admit the truth to Chrissie, Sacha takes drastic measures to secure the necessary funds.