Will Oliver pay the ransom?

When he catches Rebecca and Oliver leaving for the ransom drop, Paul begs them to wait for the police. But when they insist on handling the matter themselves, Paul gives in and goes with them. However, suspicious Sophie and Adam spot them leaving Ramsay Street and, realising what’s going on, quietly call for back-up.

Meanwhile, having given up the hunt for Declan, Nick decides to simply snatch the money. The ransom cash is paid, but Rebecca is dismayed to see that the figure appearing to be Declan is actually Laura. The police pounce and catch the kidnappers before Laura explains that Declan is hurt and hiding in the bush. Adam calls in the search and rescue team but will they find him in time?

The Parkers worry that Bridget may be seriously brain-damaged when doctors confirm that she is coming out of her coma, but remains non-reactive. They step up their efforts to stimulate a response and Miranda is relieved when the latest sports report prompts Bridget to finally speak.

Also, Toadie is anxious over Susan’s refusal to consider pleading not guilty and worries about being seen to be taking sides in the Kinski/Parker row.