Will Olivia have a birthday to remember?

Will Olivia enjoy her special day?

It’s Olivia’s birthday lunch and she’s keen to invite VJ and Leah, but is nervous that there’s still bad blood between the Pattersons and Irene. Olivia visits VJ with the intention of inviting him but chickens out. So Hunter decides to invite VJ and Leah behind her back. Is this a recipe for disaster?

Marilyn pours her heart out to Roo and explains that she’s struggling to cope with life as a prison wife. Roo takes Marilyn to the get some lunch, but Marilyn cuts their lunch date short when she sees John’s face plastered across the local newspaper. Later, Marilyn explains that she doesn’t want to visit John in prison for the next 15 years and makes a heartbreaking decision…

Roo brings James to Olivia’s birthday lunch and he’s a hit with her friends. Roo’s keen to show off James in the best light and tells everyone he’s a photographer for the local newspaper. After having a chat with James, however, Marilyn realises he took the picture of John that’s plastered across the papers! Will Roo end things with James? And what’s the outcome of Roo’s test results?