Will Olivia keep her baby?

Olivia anxiously waits for Hunter to respond to her baby bombshell, but he runs off to tell Zac the news. When he finally talks to Olivia and tells her that he’ll support her decision – but she’s decided she wants an abortion.

Meanwhile, Josh and Oscar are livid that Tank is out on parole but Evelyn is keen to keep the peace and organises a party at the Surf Club to announce her engagement to Josh.

Skye is out running when she sees a stranger collapse on the beach. It’s Tank – but he introduces himself as Wayne. The pair hit it off and she innocently invites him to the party at the Surf Club.

Before the Surf Club party, Evelyn tells Oscar she’s engaged. The twins share an emotional moment, as they know that things won’t quite be the same again. At the Surf Club, Josh announces their engagement, but the moment is overshadowed when Olivia walks in with Tank.