Will Olivia tell the truth?

Can Olivia be honest with Hunter?

Olivia returns from her night out with Axel and feels guilty about the kiss they shared. Olivia braces herself to tell Hunter the truth but struggles to find the words. Eventually she tells Hunter that Axel hit on her, but doesn’t tell him that she kissed him back. Hunter is livid, but Olivia tells him she can handle herself. Later, Olivia tells Axel that she’s not interested in him – but will he get the message?

Meanwhile, Kat is released from hospital and the first thing on her mind is to get Novak locked up behind bars, so she can be safe. Robbo tries to convince Kat that Novak won’t be bothering her again – but will she start suspecting that he knows more than what he’s telling her?

Ash tells Mick that Luc has gone and is no longer in the country. At first, Mick is in disbelief but he eventually realises Ash is telling the truth. Mick is devastated and throws his medication in the sea. Is Mick losing his grip on reality?

Also, Tori pushes Ash to speak to Kat about their baby. He goes off and finds Kat and immediately demands 50/50 custody. How will Kat react?