Will Ollie give Jasmine the green light?

The medic realises it's time to move on from Zosia when an old friend returns to Holby...

Following their break-up, doctors Ollie Valentine and Zosia March have found it awkward working together. Zosia dumped Ollie after he questioned her professional judgement, then kissed nurse Cara! A familiar face, however, makes Ollie realise he needs to start looking to the future.

Ollie’s surprised when Lexi, a heart patient he’s treated many times, returns to Holby with a faulty Herzig heart device that needs replacing. As Ollie works with new medic Jasmine Burrows (Lucinda Dryzek) to treat her, things are so frosty between him and Zosia that Lexi guesses things aren’t over between them after all!

Ollie opens up to Lexi about Zosia, but as he wheels her into theatre, she pleads with him to ‘move on’ – and it seems she’s already noticed a spark between Ollie and Jasmine, too…

With Lexi’s words ringing in his ears, Ollie later makes it clear to Zosia their relationship is over. After his shift, Ollie turns up at the ‘Traffic Lite’ dating night at Albie’s and sees Jasmine at the bar. With ‘red for no’ and ‘green for go’, it seems Ollie might be ready to give Jasmine the green light!

Ric’s troubled when the hospital’s memorial for Arthur Digby proves inadequate. Tasked with finding a more fitting alternative, Ric’s unresolved grief comes to the surface. Will Ric’s personal concerns interfere with his work and prevent him from saving the life of another young man?

With Jason on the ward for a day in his capacity as Clinical Audit Assistant, Serena’s keen to keep a watchful eye on her nephew. But while Jason’s skills prove useful in helping to alleviate a patient’s symptoms, Serena’s unimpressed with his ‘eagle eye’ when she finds herself under the professional microscope.