Will Oscar admit to the hit-and-run?

Zac asks Tamara what she can remember from the hit-and-run but she can’t recollect anything. Evelyn continues to counsel Oscar to stay quiet about his suspicions that he was driving the car. Oscar brings Tamara flowers and is shocked to see her injuries. Afterwards, Evelyn continues to give him the same advice.

Denny is back and Chris has a hot date planned. To make sure Spencer’s out of the house, Chris suggests he ask Evelyn to hang out. But when Spencer arrives home, rejected by Evelyn, Chris despairs. Denny arrives for their date and interrupts the brothers as they bicker. Spencer reluctantly leaves, but not before telling Denny that Chris will never get serious.

Nate comes to the gym to tend to Casey. Having his tattoo removed caused a nasty infection. Casey is still adamant he won’t receive treatment unless it’s outside of a hospital. Casey questions whether Brax knew about his real paternity when they went to London, and then breaks up with Linda, via Skype. His infection worsening, Casey asks Brax to take him to hospital. When he sees Tamara lying in a hospital bed, he goes to her side. She lets her brave face fall for a moment, and the two share a moment.

Brax tries to tell Andy that they both need to stay out of Josh and Casey’s problems but Andy won’t listen. Alf intervenes and Brax walks away, but not before telling Andy he wants his $5,000 back.