Will Osgood be taught a lesson?

Military-style discipline causes problems for staff and pupils at Ashfordly School and, consequently, for the Aidensfield constabulary. Former soldier Jim Osgood is now a gym teacher at the school and he runs his classes like a drill sergeant.

The local police are impressed by his style. He’s not taking any nonsense from the students and, he believes, nor should his colleagues. So, Osgood’s particularly put out when Gary Bell, a pupil, gives new teacher Wendy Kelshaw a hard time. The boy needs to be taught a lesson and Osgood’s the man to do it – but his teaching methods put the lad in hospital.

Gary’s frightened friend turns to nurse Carol Cassidy, who, in turn, asks Pc Joe Mason to investigate. But he dismisses it as internal school business. So, free to continue marching about bully-style, Osgood tells Wendy she owes him for getting rid of her problem pupil. Reluctantly, she agrees to a drink but Osgood wants more and, as he drives her home, he takes what he wants.

Carol’s is again the shoulder cried on but Wendy is scared to go to the police. Osgood’s first victim, Gary, is not scared, though. He wants revenge – and he’s armed with a gun. Now will the police act?