Owen’s buzzing as he files his accounts before calling the police to report a case of fraud. He’s finally getting his revenge on Eileen.

Dev and Sunita are stunned to find an envelope containing 5,000 pounds and a note simply saying ‘Sorry’, while Lloyd is furious as Steve explains what he’s done. In turmoil Steve’s about to tell Becky and face the music, but the Alahans arrive claiming they need to talk something through with friends. It’s excruciating for Steve as they explain the looter has returned the money and it’s clearly someone they all know. Becky reels as they discuss calling the police.

Julie jeopardises Joy’s inheritance just as Fiz is inundated with bills and desperate for Joy’s money. When the solicitor turns up on the street, and tells them they’d missed a signature, it’s Julie who spots him. As she insists there’s nobody called Colin Fishwick living on Coronation Street, the Stapes worry their crime is about to be discovered.

Also, Frank arrives at the factory to check on his trial order; Maria’s sick of working with David at the salon. As she moans to Chris in the pub Carla overhears and offers her a job as her PA.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

As Becky awaits her arrest the Alahans debate their next move. Paying off Owen they decide to look forward not back and not involve the police. At the pub the McDonalds are going stir crazy as Becky suggests they run.

Concerned by her manic state Steve urges her not to do anything rash before heading to the Alahans. He’s decided to take the rap.

Using the documents he stole back from Eileen’s, Owen tells the police that Eileen has been embezzling money from the business. Eileen’s stunned when the police come calling and denies any wrongdoing. But with all the evidence against her it seems the game may be up.

Also, Fiz has to think on her feet or lose Joy’s money. She is worried to hear that Julie sent Joy’s solicitor away and goes to see Ben. He’s suspicious after Julie told him the Fishwicks don’t live at No 5. Fiz lies that Julie is a nutcase, but Ben’s unsure.

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