He gave it a good go the night before but Paddy hasn’t managed to drink away his depression. And all he has to show for his efforts is a monumental hangover. So, he’s not really in the mood for Aaron when he turns up with a silly idea of moving back in with him. Paddy tells the lad he’s not his problem, he’s Chas’s responsibility and a hurt Aaron storms off. Later, feeling more sober and a bit guilty, Paddy goes to the Dingle’s homestead and discovers Aaron has packed his bags and left. Paddy finds Aaron and tells him he can move in. But how’s Chas going to feel about this?

Back in the village Michael really is taking the mickey – or so Cain thinks when he finds him at home with Debbie. Cain turns on his daughter and Michael steps in to defend her. But Cain has had enough of lover boy not taking him seriously… In a flash he has Michael pinned against a wall and tells him to stay away or he’ll kill him. Michael finally sees that Cain is deadly serious so will he be brave enough to see Debbie again?

While that relationship could be over it seems that Katie may be prepared to give Ryan a second chance. But will he take it?