Brad’s delighted when Terese tells him she’s asked Paige to move in, but comes clean about her ulterior motive. Brad’s disappointed, but he understands he needs to put his wife first. He and Terese break the news to Paige who appears to accept their decision. However, when Terese presses the issue, all of Paige’s hurt comes pouring out.

Lauren would love Paige to move in with her but, putting on a brave face, she states Paige move in with the Willises. However, when Paige announces she won’t be staying with Brad and Terese after all, Bailey offers their place. Paige has her doubts, but at Lauren’s insistence, she finally agrees.

Lou flees when Layla wants to re-enact scenes from the saucy tale. Layla tracks him down, and declares she’s realised he’s creating a new chapter for Arabella and Constantine and she’s happy to be a part of his research. Lou makes a drastic decision, packing his bag for a trip to Cambodia.

Also, Georgia’s worried she and Kyle will turn into a boring married couple when they get home. But Kyle reassures her otherwise.