Will Paige be honest about her feelings?

Will Paige finally tell Mark the truth?

Paige returns to Erinsborough after hearing the news that Russell has died. After seeing Paige, Mark feels uneasy after sleeping with Elly. Elly is quick to pick up on Mark’s distant behaviour and is worried that he’s regretting their night of passion. Later, Mark explodes when Paige tells him now may not be the time to rush things with Elly. Paige rejected him when he laid out his feelings! Will Paige finally tell Mark how she feels?

The upbeat mood surrounding Terese’s cancer treatment comes to a grinding halt when the local newspaper writes a damning article about Nick’s return. Things go from bad to worse when the hospital board finds out about the bad press and wants to review Nick’s placement. Clive tells Gary and Terese that if the hospital board decide to get rid of Nick, then they won’t be able to carry on Terese’s treatment. Can Gary convince the hospital board to let Nick stay? And if Gary is successful, will it be a decision he regrets?

Karl is over the moon to be head of the Liveability Committee. However, Shane and Steph believe that Karl is using the committee to unite Toadie and Sonya, could they be right? Also, Sonya and Toadie join forces when they find out that Karl is up to something dodgy…