Paige is stunned to learn from Tyler that he’s engaged in a sting operation with the cops to capture Dimato and decides she must come clean to Lauren before the truth comes out. She pours her confession into a letter but, just as she’s about to hand it to Lauren, Mary intercepts her and invites her to come away to Singapore. Paige is so scared of the repercussions of her actions with Tyler that she seriously considers going.

When Daniel offers him a loan to support Amber, Josh tells Imogen that Daniel is in love with her. Imogen checks in with Daniel about the money but he is adamant that he’s moving on, this was more of a parting gift than anything else. He’s so sincere, Imogen is convinced that he is finally over Amber.

Sheila discovers a competition for Victoria’s most unique tradesman and ropes Amber in to take professional shots of Amy in full work kit. But when Kyle stumbles on the pictures he accuses Sheila of being a traitor, helping someone else to win over him. After some gentle goading from Amy they both send in their entries.