Will Paige survive the accident?

Mark is distraught after Paige’s accident. As he holds her, she tells him that her kidnapper believed she was Michelle. Unable to handle his emotions, Mark leaves the hospital and throws himself into work, desperate to catch Dimato. Later, Mark realises that catching Dimato isn’t important, but being with Paige is and insists they set a date for their wedding.

Brad and Lauren both keep watch over Paige at the hospital and feel frustrated, as they both know nothing can happen. Furthermore, Brad feels guilty for encouraging Paige to meet her friend, so when Michelle arrives at the hospital, he gives her a piece of his mind.

Paul is a man on a mission and even convinces Amy to jump on board the gazebo business venture. Paul comes up with a business plan, but needs fifteen thousand dollars. Knowing the bank won’t loan him the money, Paul decides to look closer to home and receives a surprising offer…