Paul tells Pam he first suspected Les and Claudette were having an affair while he was doing his GCSEs, which was why he went away travelling. Pam insists Paul has got it wrong and heads back to the party. After a chat with Claudette seems to put her mind at rest, Pam is then suspicious when a tipsy Les says Paul is always getting involved in things that don’t concern him. Pam takes Les home, telling Paul to stop with the accusations – he’s wrong.

Carol is angry with Max for trying to land Abi in it just to get out of prison. After learning Abi beat up Lucy the night she died, Carol confronts her. When Abi insists she’s not a killer, Carol is convinced. Visiting Jane and Ian, Carol tells them that Max is innocent and the police will find the real killer, leaving them rattled.

Jay and Ben agree to support each other as brothers, in the way that Phil doesn’t support them. Ben tells Phil that he’s leaving with Jay the minute Jay’s tag is removed. Overhearing the conversation, Sharon tells Phil he has three months to set things right with Ben. Upset, Ben visits Paul and they get passionate. When Paul suggests they go out for a drink, Ben insists their arrangement is just sex and nothing more. Ben returns home to Abi, telling her he loves her.

Also, Abi is worried to learn from Tanya that Cora isn’t with her. Phil gives Billy plane tickets for him and Janet to visit son William in Canada, to give Billy time to get his head straight.