Will Pat forgive Janine for Christmas?

In a special Christmas Eve episode, Bianca and Kat team up to host a pre-Christmas party in the Vic for their families. Bianca’s kids are less than enthusiastic until Ricky persuades them to get into the swing of things. Janine waltzes into the Vic and asks Pat about Christmas lunch tomorrow. Pat tells Janine she might owe her money, but she doesn’t owe her anything else, so Janine’s not invited!

Zainab and Masood desperately search for a way for Zainab to escape Yusef before she’s forced to fly to Pakistan. Masood tries to confiscate Zainab’s replacement passport from the courier, but Yusef gets there first. Masood sneaks into Zainab’s when Yusef heads to the restaurant to help Afia and he and Zainab share a kiss. Jane sees them kissing and later, drunk, she tells Yusef what she saw…

Christian returns to Albert Square to spend Christmas with Jane. Syed and Amira are shocked to see him. Amira desperately tries to keep Christian away from Syed, but Syed talks to Christian when they bump into each other. There’s clearly still love between them. Christian is stunned when Syed reveals he’s agreed to move to Pakistan with Amira and Yasmin.

Also, Phil and Ben hold a stake-out to catch Phil’s stalker.