Will Patrick blow Ian’s secret?

Patrick has been rushed to hospital following his collapse and is told he’s had a stroke. A devastated Denise video calls Kim to tell her the bad news. Meanwhile, Ian struggles with his guilt following the heated argument with Patrick, worrying that Patrick might still reveal all to Denise. When Ian and Denise visit Patrick in hospital Ian is relieved when Patrick is unable to speak. Ian’s dirty little secret is safe – for now.

Linda is keen to get Sharon out of the house to encourage her recovery, inviting her along to a Fat Blasters class. When Sharon doesn’t show, Linda is disappointed. Heading to Sharon’s after the class to try and cheer her up, Linda ends up in Sharon’s bedroom. She’s horrified when she finds the gun that Sharon has been hiding.

Johnny struggles to hide his jealousy when Lee finally sweet-talks Whitney into going on a date. When Lee turns up at the Butchers to pick up Whitney, he’s taken aback when she makes an excuse not to go out. Regretting pushing Lee away, Whitney wants to go out after all, suggesting to a happy Lee that they see each other tomorrow instead.