Maxine is angry when Patrick buys Mitzeee’s flat, she doesn’t want him controlling her life – but Patrick has finally met his match. She later confesses to Ash that she loves Patrick, but when she goes to tell him, she finds Cindy and Patrick half naked in the flat. Patrick is disappointed when Maxine doesn’t seem to care, this was his effort to make her jealous, unaware she’s actually heart broken.

Diane and Sinead are devastated when they see the ruin of their flat and decide to move in with Tony. Diane panics when she starts bleeding and, still feeling guilty about Tony and Jacqui, offers him a ‘get out of jail free’ card. But Tony is adamant he’s going nowhere.

Ste and Doug continue to argue, but it’s the day of the food comtest and they have to put their differences aside. Ste agrees to help out this once, but he can’t even crack a smile in front of the judge and in a fit of frustration, announces that he’s going to buy Chez Chez.

Elsewhere, Callum inadvertently rubs Robbie up the wrong way. Callum runs into Holly and, when things get heated, they share a passionate kiss. But watching on is Robbie, wanting what Callum’s got…