Patrick and Denise visit Tommy in hospital. Tommy gives a heartfelt apology for what happened to Patrick’s fiancee all those years ago, but he’s disappointed when instead of forgiving him, Patrick walks out. Denise tells Patrick that by visiting Tommy he’s shown he’s willing to forgive him and Patrick returns and unconditionally forgives him. A satisfied Tommy passes away as Patrick holds his hand.

Roxy is horrified about betraying Ronnie by kissing Jack and runs out. Roxy breaks down on Christian and confesses that she likes spending time with Jack, but she knows nothing can ever happen between them, as she can’t risk hurting Ronnie. Meanwhile, Ronnie arranges Amy’s christening without Roxy and surprises Roxy when she tells her she’s going to invite Jack.

Zainab is impressed when Syed takes her to a swish apartment and claims that he’s a successful property developer. Syed tells Zainab that he’s got a lucrative property deal coming up and needs some investment. Zainab takes Syed back to the Square to show him where the family are living and she promises to talk to Masood about the investment.

Also, Heather prompts Shirley to confess her feelings to Phil, but Phil won’t reciprocate them.