Will Patrick stand by a pregnant Maxine?

Maxine prepares herself to tell Patrick about her pregnancy, but when he comes home and tells her he’s going to get his vasectomy reversed, she is speechless. Sienna hatches a plan so that Patrick will think the baby is his, but Maxine is concerned.

After a call from Trevor, Fraser and Grace arrive at the hospital but Joe is missing… Meanwhile, Joe returns to the village, still dressed in his nightgown. His legs are weak and he collapses. Elsewhere, Freddie is delighted when he wakes up next to Lindsey, until he sees the picture on his bedside table of him, Sinead and Katy. He sneaks out of bed, just as Lindsey wakes up. Mercedes is shocked when a guilty Lindsey tells her what’s happened.

Lindsey tells Freddie that she doesn’t care about Joe anymore and she wants to be with him. Freddie is forced to tell her that he lied about the other woman and she’s sickened when he tells her the full truth. Fraser has recorded Lindsey and Freddie talking about their romance and blackmails his son-in-law to get his account book back.