Paul claims not to be worried by Andrew leaving home, but the reality is he doesn’t know how to deal with it without making things worse. Andrew stays the night at Summer’s, making it awkward for her. Meanwhile, Rebecca and Donna work hard to get Paul and Andrew to talk, but is it too late to heal the rift between father and son?

When Libby discovers she’s not the front-runner for the role of Godmother to Steph’s baby, she launches a comical campaign to push herself forward. However, Steph and Toadie agree it’s too awkward to have Libby as Godmother. Realising she has been pushy, Libby later apologises for pushing the godparent issue, assuring them that she respects their decision not to have any, but wants them to know she’ll be there for their son anyway. Getting an attack of the guilts, Steph suddenly blurts out that she’s changed her mind – of course Libby can be godmother!

Paul finally gives in and tells Andrew to come home, but Andrew wonders if he really means it or if he’s just sick of Rebecca and Donna nagging him. Paul admits it’s a bit of both and reminds Andrew that he’s for ever doing things without thinking of the repercussions. Andrew explains he is just trying to help. Will father and son finally make amends?

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