Will Paul and Rebecca make it up the aisle?

Rebecca urges Paul to get to work on his wedding vows, but he struggles to find the words to express his love. Running out of time, he copies the vows from his previous wedding to Lyn. Rebecca loves them, but when Elle discovers what he’s done, Paul knows he must come clean. Rebecca’s devastated that he’d present her with second-hand vows.

Rebecca heads off to her Hen Night and manages to enjoy herself when Susan reveals she’s organised a life-drawing class with a hot male model. Impressed by how comfortable the model is, Rebecca gets an idea to celebrate her last night of freedom – she gets naked too! But when Paul walks in with newly-written vows, tempers quickly flare. Will they make it to the altar?

Callum is still angry with Toadie, but some wise words from Libby make him understand the boundaries. When it becomes clear he can’t manage Bullwinkle, Callum knows he has to give him up. He has difficulty finding a home for the dog, until Karl helps him find a solution that’s good for everyone. Toadie’s proud of Callum’s maturity and they make up after their fight, and Callum decides to call Taodie ‘Dad’ from now on.

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