Will Paul be found guilty?

Paul is devastated when Terese gets on the stand and reveals she paid Cecilia to lie. While the jury is out, Paul, Toadie, Sonya and Steph sweat on the potential verdict as Terese believes her error of judgment may result in Paul getting off… but the Jury returns a shock “guilty” verdict.

With a heavy heart, Amy explains to Jimmy that his grandfather is facing a minimum of 14 years behind bars. She decides to take Jimmy to see Paul and, on the way, gives Terese an ear-bashing. At the prison, an embarrassed Paul discourages them from ever visiting him again. Hurt, Jimmy runs off and throws away the chess clock Paul gave him.

Having finally achieved justice for the deaths of Josh and Doug, Terese is shocked when Mark arrests her for perverting the course of justice. Meanwhile, Lauren dismisses Brad’s questions about her odd behaviour – and later tells Ned to forget their kiss ever happened.

After being humiliated and abandoned, Terese writes herself off. Piper comes home to discover her mother has passed out and fears this could have dire consequences.