Will Paul confess to murder?

Paul figures out that Brennan is pursuing an investigation into Gus Cleary’s death. His response is to write a confession and leave the decision in Brennan’s hands. But Brennan tells Paul that he knows Paul is going to live with his guilt forever, and that’s punishment enough.

Lauren’s worried that Matt is avoiding the issue of Bailey’s drinking problem. She confronts him and, prompted by her rebuke, Matt openly talks to Bailey and Amber about how he grew up with an alcoholic father. He knows these experiences have influenced the way he deals with his own family – and he’s determined to change.

Paige drops around to the Turner house, but her timing is bad – it’s right after Matt’s made his big admission to his kids. Lauren hurries Paige away and unable to control her feelings of hurt, she trashes Harold’s.

Libby tells Susan that she’s thinking of getting the National Chaplaincy Programme on board at the school. Even though Susan’s previously investigated the notion she goes along with the idea. Libby later discovers that Susan’s been holding her tongue and realises that her parents been lying to her about needing a time out for school because of health reasons. Libby is furious and suddenly realise being in Erinsborough is not such a good idea after all!