Paul exposes Amy’s past

Paul reveals Amy's past as a 'saucy maid'

Terese discovers Tom hired Ryan so he would stop blackmailing Amy about her past. Taking matters into her own hands, Terese ends Ryan’s contract, telling him she’ll pay him out if he leaves Amy and Erinsborough alone. But Paul, unaware of his daughter’s involvement, isn’t satisfied with Terese’s solution and pays Terese’s private investigator to send all the information he dug up on Ryan to the West Waratah Star, not knowing this will expose Amy’s secret past.

Paige is convinced that Jack’s ready to leave the priesthood but her heart is broken when Jack explains God took Father Vincent so Jack could continue his good work. Desperate to mend her broken heart, Paige enlists the help of Courtney and Tyler, deciding to throw a party to help her forget about Jack.

Tom tells Aaron he’s going to Dubai to be with his sister. He also accidently mentions that Lassiters is being sold, but makes Aaron promise he won’t tell anyone.


Meanwhile, Lauren and Brad head off on a romantic camping trip.