Will Paul finally seek professional help?

Paul accidentally damages some seedlings at the nursery, and overreacts, leading Sonya to realise how fragile he really is. She realises Paul needs professional help, and tells him as much. Realising she’s right, Paul goes to see to Karl.

Sonya confronts Naomi and tells her it’s time for her to be honest with her friends. Kyle’s shocked, as are Georgia and Chris. She then gives Kyle, Georgia and Chris with a list of her “top ten transgressions” in an attempt at full disclosure.

Chris, Georgia and Kyle decide not to look at the list and Kyle and Georgia offer their forgiveness, but Chris admits it’s going to take him longer to come around. Naomi’s happy with this, and goes to Sheila to tell her the truth is out. Sheila tells a dlighted Naomi that whilst she’s not ready forget just yet, she can eat at The Waterhole.

Susan’s been emailed an erotic short story, and claims she’s only reading it for intellectual purposes and shares the story with Toadie. He picks up on a few landmarks in the story, and wonders whether it could be Erinsborough. He and Susan decide to email the story around and Chris works out that the story’s not just set in Erinsborough, it’s set in Ramsay Street!