Will Paul or Karl be elected mayor?

A confident Karl comes into election day and Paul struggles to hide his anxiety. Karl quietly confronts Paul and relays Marty’s offer. Paul is suddenly gripped by the feeling that everything is falling apart, especially when he receives news that Lassiters has missed out on a major tender. He shouts at Terese as Bailey films the incident and Sheila ensures it goes viral. While Karl struggles to reconcile an act of gutter politics, everyone else is brimming with hope that he will be the new mayor. However, as everyone gathers for the results, Paul is declared the winner.

Kate flirts with Kyle and her hopes for a future with him rise. However, she gets a shock when she discovers that Kyle has sneaked off to meet Georgia, who’s determined to reconcile her and Kyle’s finances without revealing news of the baby.

Susan passively urges Georgia to give Kyle a chance, while Kate frets to Chris. By the announcement of the election result, Georgia has decided to make a trip home, while Kate continues to long for Kyle.

With the valuable tender for Lassiters lost, Paul accuses Terese of sabotaging his business in order to establish a new job with a competitor. Humiliated, Terese quits… leaving new mayor Paul with too much to handle.