Will Paul press charges against Lyn?

Following Lyn’s admission that she is responsible for blackmailing Paul, Steph begs Elle to use her influence on Paul and ask him not to press charges. Elle agrees that Lyn is teetering on the edge of a breakdown. But can she persuade Paul to forgive and forget?

Steve and Bridget give the police conflicting stories over Chris Knight’s accident and are both released pending further investigation. Meanwhile, Miranda is frustrated that Steve is lying to the police but Steve insists he is simply protecting his daughter.

Ignoring his family’s objections, Riley declares his intent to go to the Middle East as a war correspondent. Not wanting Nicola to persuade him otherwise, Riley sneaks out in the middle of the night.

Although she manages to persuade Marco to give Sienna her job back, Carmella doesn’t admit that she took the money from the General Store till. Oliver is disappointed when he realises that Carmella hasn’t told the whole truth and accuses her of sabotaging her own happiness.

Also, Mickey sets Ned and Kirsten up for a special intimate dinner to try to help them de-stress.

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