Pam is worried about a distracted Paul, sharing her concerns with Les, who is hopeful that Pam is thawing towards him. When Pam and Les talk to Paul he reveals that he’s in love with Ben. With Paul on their mind, Pam and Les begin to tentatively rebuild their relationship. Meanwhile, Paul visits Ben, telling him he loves him but Ben needs to make a decision.

Martin promises Stacey that she and Arthur are safe in the hospital. Stacey is able to open up to the psychiatrist, telling the doctor that Arthur is the son of god. After agreeing to admit herself, Stacey is distraught to learn that she won’t be able to have Arthur with her. His heart breaking, Martin takes Arthur from Stacey and leaves the room.

After refusing to admit herself, Stacey has to be sectioned. Martin shares his anguish with Kush, who pushes his feelings for Arthur aside to remind Martin that he’s Arthur’s dad. After talking to Stacey, the psychiatrist tells Martin that Stacey has postpartum psychosis.