Still reeling from the discovery of their empty bank account, the Turners are learn that the money was sent overseas using Paige’s identity. Paige is heartbroken to find out her online boyfriend, Bryson, is a scammer but Matt is furious at her carelessness. In an attempt to redeem herself, Paige secretly tries to organise a meeting with Bryson, determined to make him pay.

When Amber and Daniel view the chapel Harold and Madge got married in, Amber leaps on the earliest date available and the pair send out a ‘Save the Date’ text. Paul and Lauren are together when they receive their messages and Paul suggests there is something they can both do to stop it.

Susan is shocked to discover that Sonya, Sheila and Georgia have all had underwear stolen from their washing lines. When Kyle comes home and takes out his workbag, he accidentally drops it and women’s underwear spills out. He manages to gather up the goods quickly before anyone sees him, but with Susan, Sheila and Sonya all pledging to catch the thief, is it only a matter of time.