Will Paul save his marriage?

Val schemes to throw Paul a divorce party to cheer him up, but Rodney thinks it will only upset him. Meanwhile, Lily is hopeful her plan to reunite Paul and Jonny will succeed, but she leaves Leyla to meet Jonny when Paul calls her away to the pub and she is unaware that Jonny’s mum Patricia has turned up in his place. At the Woolpack, Paul is mortified when he’s greeted by a troupe of male dancers, organised by his unthinking mother. Things get even worse when Patricia arrives to reveal that Jonny left for Australia a few days ago.

Jimmy and Carl are buoyed when they receive semi-positive feedback from some old business contacts. But Carl is furious when Scarlett accidentally puts off a client by sending the quotation using the old King & Sons logo. Jimmy is torn by his loyalty to his family heritage and his responsibility to make a new start when Carl insists that they need to re-brand the company and change its name.

Marlon goes home and when Donna bursts into tears, his cold exterior is shattered. Donna begs Marlon to give her another chance, but he is unable to cope with making a decision and regrets he can’t give her an answer yet.

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