With Kate’s hearing approaching, Paul remains confident Kate will get off until Priya reveals she’s recommending that Kate should not be allowed to teach again. After accusing Priya of bias, Paul turns to Noah and learns of Brennan’s death – the mitigating circumstances Kate needs to clear her name.

Paul urges Kate to use her emotional state to justify her mistake, but she refuses, not wanting to burden Sophie with more hurt or use her ex-boyfriend’s death for her own gain. But will Paul ignore Kate’s warning to save her career?

Upon realising that Karl knew about Malcolm and Jade’s affair, Susan accuses him of condoning Malcolm’s actions. Trying to right her son’s wrongs, she urges Malcolm to come clean and confess to his wife. Malcolm refuses, but after seeing the hurt he’s caused his parents, he changes his mind and books a flight home.

When Malcolm makes Susan understand Karl’s true opposition to the affair, Susan apologises for misjudging him… and Karl’s once again given hope for the future.

Seeing Tash struggling with the stress of looking after Michael, Emilia teaches her grounding, a Wiccan relaxation ritual. Finding it ridiculous, Tash struggles to take it seriously, but finds it’s just the distraction she needs.