A remorseful Rosie tells Frazer how she thinks she ‘came on’ to Paul, but Frazer blames Paul, labelling him an immoral philanderer. Rosie admits she has feelings for Paul, but Frazer dissuades her from confessing to Lyn about the tryst in the cellar.

Elsewhere, Paul can’t get Rosie out of his head, and is angry when later, Frazer confronts Paul and warns him to stay away from Rosie.

Lyn spends her hen night at a hotel being pampered. But Susan is mortified when a stripper turns up. The next morning, Janelle is forced to bribe Oscar with doughnuts to get him into his pageboy suit, before he vomits all over the bridemaids dresses.

Rosie spends an innocent night in Frazer’s room, but falls asleep just as he’s revealing his true identity. The next morning, Frazer tries to take Rosie’s mind off Paul’s wedding day by taking her to the races, but on their way there, they drive past the church, only for Rosie to spot Paul standing outside.

He and Rosie make eye contact before Paul nervously begins the wedding ceremony. But, following Lyn’s vows, Paul’s anxiety about his marriage increases and he falters at the alter.

The mystery of Boyd’s involvement with Alex continues when as he receives a Christmas card from Tasmania that he guiltily hides from Janae.