Will Paul stop hassling Lyn?

Paul bursts into Michael’s house to tell Lyn she has made a big mistake taking advantage of Rebecca’s good nature. Michael asks her what’s happened but she says she can’t talk about it. Rebecca apologies to Lyn for making the situation worse and offers to help but Lyn has resigned herself to just putting up with it.

At Harold’s, Paul threatens to tell Detective Brennan about Lyn causing the fire, when Rebecca steps in and admits that last night had been all her idea. Back at the house, Rebecca tells Paul that they can’t get back to the way things were and that she has changed. When Rebecca tells Paul to stop hassling Lyn he agrees and tells Lyn she can relax.

With the day of telling Tash about their relationship drawing closer, Summer asks Lyn when they’re likely to move out of the Williams’ house. Summer asks Andrew how she’s meant to share a room with Tash once she finds out. During a careers day at school, Summer has lots of questions for the builder asking him how long it would take to rebuild a fire-damaged house. When he says he can help, Summer is thrilled but Lyn has to break the bad news that they don’t have the money. Summer and Andrew are both disappointed.

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