Will Paul tell Brennan the truth?

Despite Paul’s warnings, Declan heads off to see Rebecca. However, halfway through his journey, Declan doesn’t know what to do for the best but he can’t get hold of Rebecca and doesn’t have long to get back before Paul meets with Detective Brennan.

When Detective Brennan arrives early Paul tries to stall, in the hope Declan will come back and he won’t have to tell Mark it was Rebecca who pushed him. He starts by saying he’s been having flashbacks and he knows it wasn’t Diana who pushed him. Just as Paul is about it to tell all, Declan arrives home and Paul stops.

However, by ruling out Diana, Paul has given Mark enough to reopen the case. Declan tells Paul to fix the situation and he goes to see Mark to retract what he said. However, with the case now with the DPP, Mark tells Paul it’s out of his hands. Desperate, Paul tells Kate to find out what she can from Mark.

Kate and Mark have a date planned for this evening and Donna is enjoying helping her prepare. However, Donna starts to struggle and tells Kate that, the night Ringo died, she was the one setting the table for a romantic meal for two. Kate changes her plans so she can be there for Donna, but Donna insists she sees Mark.

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