Will Perdy accept Katie’s offer?

Katie meets up with Perdy and Gray and tells Perdy about her offer to be a surrogate. Perdy is stunned and alarmed by the idea. Katie worries that she’s upset Perdy and Gray, but Gray eventually talks round Perdy and they agree to give Katie their approval. Chas makes another plea to Katie to rethink her decision but Katie is determined to go ahead.

Zak is baffled when Sam embarks on a sudden moneymaking scheme and announces that he’s saving to rent a place of his own with Samson. When Sam suffers a setback after being turned down for a council house he approaches his friend Pollard and asks him to put in a good word for him with the council.

David is forced to ask Val to accompany the wheelchair-bound Pollard to a business meeting when he’s tied up elsewhere. Val gets a touch of the green-eyed monster when she discovers that Pollard’s business associate is an attractive woman and she takes over proceedings before ushering the client out. Later, Val spies Pollard getting out of his wheelchair and she’s furious about his deception so she plots to take revenge.

Also, Viv gets a loan in Bob’s name to publish her book herself.