Will Peri hand over her baby?

Leela visits Peri, but Ste ushers her away. Peri tells Leela she wants to move in with Frankie and Jack. Peri overhears Tom talking to their baby about how much he loves her and she forgives him. When The Browns come to take the baby home, they collapse heartbroken when Peri decides to keep the child. Tom is elated – but it’s clear this is not what Peri really wants…

Lockie visits Cameron in prison and talks Leela into visiting him too. When Leela goes to see Cameron, she says she thinks she loves him but he confesses he’s in love with Celine. Meanwhile, at the Roscoes, Ziggy has told Tegan he loves her and the pair share a passionate moment. Ziggy’s packing his bags and prepares to tell Leela about him and Tegan but Leela lies to him that she’s pregnant!

Also, Reenie goes to The Dog, while Pete spends time with Celine and buys her a tub of ice cream comforting her over Cameron. Celine retches until she’s sick, while a satisfied Pete listens from outside the bathroom. Pete then makes comments about Celine’s weight and appearance. Later, Cameron rings and, unbeknown to Celine, Pete tells him Celine doesn’t want to talk to him.