Will Peri steal for Yasmine?

Yasmine orders Peri to do her dirty work...

Yasmine and Peri continue to be the best of frenemies, and when Yasmine mocks her, Peri steals her earrings from her locker. The girls get into a fight but, when confronted by Neeta, Yasmine covers for Peri. Yasmine wants payback, however, so tells Peri to steal Neeta’s electronic tablet. Will Peri do it?

Meanwhile, Holly and Zack beg Lisa to let them throw a party on The Loveboat to cheer up Nick. Nick meets Holly at The Loveboat and tells her the police have fresh evidence, and Tegan’s jealous when she spots them looking cosy.

Mac vows to take control of things before his diagnosis takes over, leaving Marnie worried about what he means. Later, Mac makes a shock announcement.

Also, Neeta asks Hunter to come to the meeting about the school ball and he eagerly accepts. How far will he go to impress her?