Will Pete and Finn ease Ross’s anxiety? (VIDEO)

Ross is desperate to get an update on George. The last he heard was that George might never recover, which would make Ross a murderer, but he can’t risk going to the hospital as it might arouse suspicion. Calling on his brother Finn for help, Ross lies that George is a friend of a friend who’s been in a nasty fight. When Finn is reluctant to help, Ross is forced to admit it was him who beat the guy up. Joining the discussion, Pete tells Ross that it’s his problem and he’s on his own, but when Finn notes his brother’s desperation, he agrees to help. Later, Pete accompanies Finn as they head to hospital to find out about George’s condition…

At the factory, Jai is fed up with Megan’s meddling and tells her to stop acting as if she owns the place. But how will he feel when Megan makes an offer that could get him out of a financial mire?

Having agreed to live with Chas on a permanent basis, James moves into The Woolpack. But when the boxes keep on coming, Chas wonders how much stuff one man can have!