Peter’s stunned as the guilty verdict is revealed, while Rob does his best to hide his feelings. However, Carla is now convinced of Peter’s innocence and tells Rob she wonders who really killed Tina.

Jim admits to Liz that he hopes once he’s released, they can get back together. Horrified at the thought, Liz tells him it’s never going to happen. Later, Steve is furious when Liz explains that Jim was never bothered about seeing him again, it was just a ruse to try and win her back.

Roy joins Fiz, Sinead and Beth in the pub. Sinead realises he’s avoiding being home alone and is clearly still nervous as a result of the burglary.

Gail and Michael return from their holiday and are impressed to find Kylie’s tidied the house and made a meal. Kylie covers her unease, but when she reaches for more speed she is sailing dangerously close to the wind; when Faye finds some estate agent details, Anna and Owen are forced to admit they’re moving.