Will Peter give in to temptation? (VIDEO)

Chloe is thrilled when Peter turns up on her doorstep.

Chloe’s supportive as Peter explains his disappointment at his family’s lack of faith in him. Meanwhile Toyah confides in Ken that perhaps she was too hasty to judge Peter. When Peter phones her from Chloe’s she apologises and assures him she loves him. Will he head home?

Having followed Tracy to Ronan’s house Adam is ushered inside, while Ronan shuts the door on a bemused Tracy. As Ronan demands to know where his money is, Adam’s forced to reveal that it was burnt. How will Ronan react?

Sarah explains that meeting Nathan would put her mind at rest. When Bethany relays this to Nathan will he agree to a meeting with Sarah?

As Sinead celebrates her birthday, Daniel stares at a letter from Oxford University offering him a place on their MA course.

Watch this clip from the episode;