Will Peter incriminate himself at Tina’s funeral?

*Hour-long Episode*

Peter secretly knocks backs the vodka and tells Deirdre he’s going to Tina’s funeral but as David reads his eulogy he spots Peter at the back of the church and pointing an accusing finger at him, tells the congregation Tina would still be here if it weren’t for him. As the mourners gather round the graveside, Peter drunkenly stumbles towards Carla, but Rob steps in and a fight breaks out. Peter tells the shocked mourners that Tina ruined his life and now they’re even, but as the police arrest Rob and Peter it’s clear Peter has dug his own grave with his recent admission.

Kal vents his emotions on a punch bag in the gym while his Dad tries to offer him some words of comfort. Realising life is too short, Leanne approaches Kal outside the gym. The shock of Tina’s death brings the two together and they head back to Kal’s for a night of passion.

Steph, Luke and Katy hold their own wake for Tina in the flat. Luke tells Katy he likes her and they are about to kiss when Steph walks in. They spring apart embarrassed.

Also, Kylie’s scathing when Gail receives a letter from Michael telling her he’s now got a job in a garden centre, so Kylie writes a spoof letter from Gail to Michael and posts it.