Will Peter make Nick and Leanne pay?

As Peter tries to fight his suspicions about Leanne and Nick he goes to talk to Tracy, asking her about the row he interrupted between her, Ken and Deirdre. Tracy’s torn between wanting to tell him and her promise not to. But when Peter piles on the pressure demanding to know the truth, Tracy decides to tell him about Leanne’s affair. But rather than the big showdown she expected Peter decides to play a waiting game while he works out how to make Leanne and Nick pay.

Sophie‘s problems are forgotten again as Sally fumes about how sleazy Alfie sacked Rosie for not doing the topless shoot. Outraged she storms into his office to have it out with him, but she’s stunned to find a familiar face sitting behind the desk – it’s Alfie!

Tina takes offence when Tracy asks what a girl like her sees in Graeme, and begins to wonder if people are right to call her a bitch. Meanwhile, Tina gets a message from old Poundland friend Xin explaining she’s got a new job.

Also, Sophie’s gutted when Sian says she’s been invited on an extended holiday with her mum – tomorrow, and Sian doesn’t know whether to leave Sophie when she needs her most; Cheryl gives the cab office a makeover.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

A vengeful Peter hatches a plan, and as he battles to hide his contempt from Nick he asks him to be his best man. Nick is forced to accept and Peter clocks how it comes like a kick in the stomach to Leanne. Heaping more discomfit on her he also reveals he’s going to invite Carla so she can witness their commitment to each other. It’s torture for Leanne, but also for Peter, who after getting all his players in position reaches for the bottle.

Sophie‘s furious as Jeff reveals he is Rosie’s sleazy agent Alfie, and she accuses him of deliberately deceiving her. He lets Sally say her piece, but then defending himself paints a very different picture of Rosie’s sacking. He leaves it up to Sally whether she believes him or not. Meanwhile, an emotional Sophie finds no one has time for her problems.

Tina and Graeme decide to book a table for a romantic valentine day meal at the restaurant where Tina’s friend Xin is now working. And later Tracy apologises to Tina for her harsh words about Graeme.

Also, Cheryl suggests she, Lloyd and Russ look for somewhere bigger. And Lloyd’s delighted she’s hinting at a long-term future for them.

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