Will Peter reveal why he stayed with Carla?

Peter wakes at Carla‘s, wracked with guilt, while Leanne desperately tries to find him after last night’s row. As Carla kills all calls from work she urges Peter to go home and tell Leanne the truth so he can get help. Encouraged by Carla, Peter heads to his alcohol support group where he breaks down, admitting he’s hit rock bottom. Meanwhile, Peter has been spotted leaving Carla’s, and it may be only a matter of time till Leanne finds out where her husband spent the night.

Rosie takes baby Jack to the audition, but when they get rejected she soon loses interest in her brother. Back home Jason’s left to tend to the crying baby, but he’s aghast to realise they’ve brought the wrong child home. Now they just have to tell Kevin that they’ve lost baby Jack.

As Fiz prepares for Joy’s funeral she’s terrified that any relatives will realise her crime. She’s relieved to find the church virtually empty, but as the service progresses Fiz finds it hard to continue her lie.

Also, Tracy’s nervous as she heads back to court; Sian worries as Sophie dips out of college; Audrey agrees to a date with Marc when he reveals Claudia dumped him.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

Leanne confronts Carla, demanding to know why Peter spent the night at hers. Carla swears they didn’t sleep together, but doesn’t give the real reason for Peter’s stay, leaving Leanne seething with anger and worry.

When Peter then arrives back she lays into him, but she’s stunned when he reveals he wasn’t at Carla’s to have sex – he was hiding there because he was drunk. As Peter breaks down and reveals everything, Leanne becomes suspicious of Nick’s involvement in his fall from the wagon and wonders if he did it to split them up. Picking up on this Peter asks Leanne what she means and leaves her wondering whether to reveal her affair.

A furious Kevin heads back to the studio and retrieves Jack before seriously berating Rosie. At the Websters’ Sian opens up to Sally about Sophie’s recent sullen behaviour and the fact she seems to have given up on college. Sophie’s furious and as Sally referees a row between the girls Rosie returns home revealing her dad lost it with her.

Tracy receives the verdict in court, leaving Steve fearing for Amy’s future.

Also, Fiz is emotionally drained after Joy’s funeral and thinks about coming clean.

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