Will Peter see sense and plead not guilty?

Ken tries to prepare Peter for his plea hearing, but a depressed Peter reckons he may as well plead guilty. Back at home, Ken’s frustrated, while Rob’s secretly relieved. However when a hungover Peter then visits Jim in his cell begging for more alcohol, Jim insists that if he loves his son he needs to stand up and fight for his innocence. Peter realises that he’s right and vows to fight for his son.

Having spent the night with Lloyd, Andrea tries to make peace with Jenna, but Jenna’s hostile, especially when Lloyd suggests Andrea should move in. Meanwhile, Neil approaches them in the street and begs Andrea to give him another chance. But he’s devastated when Lloyd insists that Andrea’s moved on.

As Kylie struggles to cope with Max’s behaviour, Gail and Michael try to help, and Michael surprisingly proves a hit with her son.

Also, Kirk contemplates how best to propose to Beth; Gary’s concerned about the cheap building materials they’re using on Tyrone’s loft conversion, but Todd tells him to shut up or he’ll lose his job.