Jason and Phelan head to the community centre to repair the damage, but Todd remains convinced that Phelan was behind the break-in. Todd, Jason and Yasmeen hope that the CCTV camera might help to prove who the intruder was, but Phelan points out the camera’s unplugged. Later, Yasmeen thanks Jason and Phelan and hands them a generous cheque as an uneasy Todd looks on.

Liz confronts Michelle when she notices how distant she is with Steve, demanding to know if she spent the evening with Will. Michelle admits she did, but assures her nothing happened. Later, Will calls into the Rovers and tells a stunned Michelle that he’s split up from Saskia.

As Eileen settles down for quiet evening, she’s interrupted by a visit from the police – they need to talk to Jason about his father.

When Alex asks Cathy for a tenner she tells him he can earn it by cleaning out the freezer. Chris asks Steve if Amy’s mum is around, but Liz quickly intervenes and the pair are forced to confess that Amy and Sam are their grandchildren.