Will Phelan leave Corrie for good?

Phelan has to decide whether to flee Coronation Street or go back home and face the music

As Phelan tries to get hold of Vinny he’s aghast to learn their bank account has been cleared. Keeping his suspicions to himself, Todd worries when Phelan doesn’t answer his phone, but Phelan is already at airport check-in with his fake passport. Will he leave penniless or return to face the music?

Roy’s furious when, after reading a draft of his wedding speech, Brian points out the lack of feeling in it. Brian wonders if Roy actually loves Cathy and Roy’s silence speaks volumes. Clearly ruffled, will Roy sack Michelle as his wedding planner?

Tracy isn’t having any luck finding out more about Daniel. So Peter questions him on his home life and finances, still wondering if the mystery man was looking for him. Daniel storms off, leaving Peter even more certain that something’s amiss…